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"To Feed Those In Need"

Central Downtown Food Basket (a 501(c)
3 non-profit organization) began its
mission to feed the elderly and low-
income in 1983. Today we are still going
strong, feeding over 1,200 families and
nearly 400 seniors a month.  CDFB’S low
budget brings in well over $1,000,000 in
food donations every year while
maintaining a low overhead.  

For every dollar donated,
we can obtain twenty dollars in food.

Clients can pick up bagged groceries 3
times a month at our  downtown
location, once a month at our Rosemont
location and once a month at our River
Park location.
We also provide warm clothing and
hygiene products for those who need it.  

in the greater Sacramento area.

Or you can send a check or money
order to:
Central Downtown Food Basket
1701 L Street
Sacramento, Ca 95811
Click here to donate--->